Kentucky Bluegrass NCS Spring Section Zelle Instructions


To pay the Kentucky Bluegrass for the NCS Spring section meeting online, you will need a Zelle account. If you need help setting up Zelle, click here.

**NOTE**: Many thanks for everyone’s patience as we try accepting money this way for the first time. It appears that you can only use Zelle to send us money if your bank is already set up with Zelle. Contact your bank if you aren’t sure. If they are not, the only way to send us money is by check. 

Once you already have Zelle set up, follow the instructions below to send money for your registration.

Step 1: Open the app, tap “Send”.


Step 2: Type in (502) 419-7938 into the search bar to pay Terri Donner for the Spring Section Meeting.


Step 3: Type in your total owed for registration. Tap “Review”.


Step 4: Add to the memo, “NCS Online Registration”. Tap “Send” and you’re done!